Submissions 101: PSA to Launch More Step-by-Step Videos2 min read

The Process for Submitting Your Cards for Grading is Simple

PSA PR Man Terry Melia and Content Strategist Ryan Gaeta go over the online submission process.

In an effort to encourage more collectors to submit their favorite cards for grading, PSA will be launching new videos within its “Submissions 101” lineup in the coming weeks. The step-by-step tutorials will continue to help collectors better understand the submission process and cover everything from differentiating between item type and submission type, to selecting your level of service and packaging up your cards.

PSA VP Steve Sloan and Customer Service Rep Carlos De La Torre explain the do’s and don’ts when packaging your cards for submission through the mail.

“We know there is a huge population of card collectors who haven’t experienced the grading process,” said Steve Sloan, vice president of PSA. “Once they engage, collectors will learn what their cards could be worth on the secondary market by comparing similarly graded cards that sold at auction. We simply want to help them get the ball rolling.”

Auction houses across the country sell plenty of tobacco-issue, vintage, pre-war, post-war and modern era cards in each of their online events. As part of that process, they first need to get a card graded properly by a third-party authentication company like PSA in order to help determine its potential worth. You might be surprised how easy it is to initiate the submission process yourself and get an education along the way. Toward that end, you might even start conducting your own eBay auctions or directing personal trades with fellow collectors who are in search of some of the cards in your collection.

The first three upcoming videos will include tips on 1.) filling out your online submission form; 2.) properly packaging your cards for submitting through the mail; and 3.) selecting your submission type (“Grading,” “Review,” “Crossover” or “Reholder”). While it might seem a bit daunting at first, the process is really quite painless and could be very rewarding. Stay tuned for a go-live date on the latest videos debuting from your hard-working friends at PSA.

Posted by Terry Melia

Terry Melia is a hobby veteran who has served in various PR, marketing and content roles for industry movers and shakers including The Upper Deck Company and SCP Auctions and is currently working as PSA's Public Relations and Content Specialist.

2 thoughts on “Submissions 101: PSA to Launch More Step-by-Step Videos2 min read

  1. PSA. Please sell your breakers mats!! I have a big submission which is at Day 45 and I am hoping to do a big video reveal when I get it back and want to do it on one of those mats.

    1. We’re not selling them yet, but they will start making appearances at shows and we’ll continue to give them out via social media giveaways. Just keep a lookout on our @PSAcard profiles. Speaking of which, be sure to tag us when you do the grade reveal! We love to see content from our community.

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