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You may have heard of our video series, Submissions 101, where we provide tips on different aspects of the submission process.

In this entry covering online submissions, we quickly walk you through the online submission process.

Now I’ll give everyone a more in-depth recap of the steps.

Start Your Free Account

Before you begin the submission process, you have to sign up for an online account with PSA. The best part is it’s completely free and it just takes a couple minutes. Just head here to get started.

Remember, there are paid Collectors Club memberships, but you don’t need to be a member to submit your cards. It does help if you submit multiple times a year, however.

Complete the Step-By-Step Process

1. Choose Your Item Type

First, choose your item type. Anything from regular cards to packs and tickets. Odds are, you’re submitting standard trading cards and will select the first option.

2. Submission Type

Do you want your raw cards graded? Select “Grading.” To have an existing grade re-assessed, select “Review.” If crossing over from one third-party grader to PSA, choose “Crossover.” And if your PSA holder has taken some lumps and bruises, you can always submit your card for the “Reholder” service. Easy, right?

With Grading, you’ll be presented with additional options to indicate just what type of grading you’re looking for. If you just want your non-autographed card graded, select that first option. We even made a video on Submission Types to help clarify the differences.

3. Service Level

What’s the card worth to you? Service level is determined by your Declared Value, which in turn we use to gauge the amount a card should be insured for. Say you misplace your card and have to scramble to acquire another copy. What would be the cost? If the card is worth roughly $400 to you, select “Regular” service.

Remember, service level factors into the Declared Value, which factors into the turnaround time, as you can see from the screenshot above. Check out the handy video linked above for more insight into Declared Value.

4. Item Entry

Enter the card/s you’re submitting within the “Description” field. This part is pretty cool, as the field will autofill based off of the information you enter. I typed 2011 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout and the rest of the card description appeared for me to select. And … done!

5. Shipping & Billing

Pretty straightforward here. Select your shipping method after entering your delivery address. Then complete your payment method.

6. Confirmation

It’s simple: just confirm all of the fields are correct, your address and billing info check out, etc. (Emojis not included.)

7. Click Submit

Finally, complete the submission process and print out the completed submission form, save one copy and pack the other inside your submission box to send away to PSA.

That’s it. Simple, right? The Online Submission Center provides a quick and easy way to submit your cards to PSA, and it’s even recommended to use over the standard paper forms. For additional questions, you can always contact PSA Customer Service at 1-800-325-1121 or [email protected].

You can check out each of our Submissions 101 videos on our YouTube playlist, here. 

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