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To further simplify the submissions process and make it as easy as possible, we’ve produced a series of “Submissions 101” videos.

In this episode, we cover some pro tips on submitting your collectibles at a show for PSA authentication.

There are definitely benefits to submitting your cards, autographs, etc. in person, but there are also some things to remember. Following these pro tips can improve your show experience, which means less scrambling and more time to enjoy the show.

A screenshot of a show entry on our Shows page.

Consult Show Schedule Page Prior to Show

You don’t want to arrive at a PSA show with the thought of submitting your autograph for authentication, only to find out that the service isn’t offered for that particular show, do you? So, before show day – heck, before you even narrow down what show you’d like to submit your collectibles at – consult the Show Schedule page on Then select the show nearest you. There, you’ll find helpful features and info, like what PSA services are offered (on-site card grading or autograph authentication, take-home submissions, all of the above, etc.), RSVP on Facebook (you can even share that you’re attending), and most importantly the date and location of the show.

We travel year-round and frequently add stops to our show calendar. So this is a valuable tool, if you’d like to see us on the road.

If Possible, Start the Process Using the Online Sub Center

This step will save you lots of time at the show. All you have to do is create a free online profile on and start the submission. (We detailed that process in another blog and video.) Once your profile is created, start the submission process, print out the slip and submit your collectible at the show, rather than shipping it.

The more collectors use this method, the fewer forms PSA reps must fill out, and the faster the line moves. In fact, at the National – our, hands down, busiest show – we even have a separate, expedited line queue for online submissions. That means you get to skip ahead, as long as you’ve completed your submission online.

Fill Out Forms in Advance

If for some reason the Online Sub Center isn’t an option, you can always contact Customer Service and request the forms be mailed to you, and it’s free. But at that rate, why not use the Online Submission Center?

With your handy dandy form in tow, when show day arrives and at some point before you head to the PSA line, complete the submission form. And, if by some mystery you cannot procure the forms beforehand, fear not; you can always get the appropriate forms from the PSA booth. Just be sure to complete them before heading in line, for all of the reasons stated in the previous section. 

To recap: check online on our Show page to narrow down what show you’d like to visit and what services are offered; try to start the submission process online for the smoothest and easiest experience; and if you’re unable to submit online, filling out your forms before entering the line queue does wonders for our team and your overall show experience.

As always, please feel free to contact Customer Service with any additional questions at 1-800-325-1121 or [email protected].

Be sure to check out all of our  Submissions 101 videos on our YouTube channel.

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