PSA Presents the VG3 Show – Episode 4, Comic-Con Edition1 min read


Once again, PSA has big plans for the biggest comic book and entertainment show of the year: Comic-Con. Collectors, comic book fans and movie buffs from around the world will be in attendance to enjoy the sights, giveaways, celebrity panels and more. Joining in on the fun, PSA is offering free giveaways at the booth, including a special Comic-Con edition of their SMR magazine, PSA-graded Pokémon cards and an exclusive “Gotta Grade ‘Em All” PSA swag bag to carry all of the goodies. In addition to booth giveaways, show attendees (as well as those at home) can sign up for PSA’s free sweepstakes for a shot at three PSA graded cards signed by original artist Mitsuhiro Arita.

Watch the video for the details, then head to to sign up for the sweepstakes.

Posted by Ryan Gaeta

Ryan is a sports fan and Non-Sports aficionado, who is still tormented by the fact he owned the entire 1st Edition run of Pokémon cards but traded them away or ruined them at one point or another.

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