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You may have already heard the big news: PSA just revamped its Set Registry and launched a new Achievement Program, an update that sees collectors earn rewards and unlock medals the more they interact with the Set Registry, much like earning medals in fantasy football. Because this is huge news, and because we want to invite more collectors in on the fun, there will be a contest in tandem with the new Set Registry update.

Introducing the “12 Days of Collecting.” Oh, and it starts NOW!

Each day we’ll pair a giveaway trading card and medal on our social media channels and forums, and collectors who participate in the Set Registry and earn the medal of the day will have a chance to win. The cards range in value from around $75 to up to $1,500 and span the collecting spectrum – sports cards, both modern and vintage, and TCG cards are all up for grabs.

Treat this blog as a daily update and hub of the contest, where you can find the card and medal of the day, all the rules and see who has won each day’s prize card.

The first card to start our giveaway is the most popular rookie card of five-tool phenom Mike Trout, and the medal of the day is “One Giant Leap.” Stay tuned for a breakdown of the rules.

The Rules

Each day, over 12 days starting December 11, 2018, we will pair a medal with a prize trading card on our social media and forums. From there, it’s simple and anyone registered on the PSA Set Registry and following us on social media and the PSA Forums can enter.

  1. PSA will post the medal and trading card of the day. Share a screenshot showing you earned the medal of the day that PSA posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or PSA Forums. Collectors can post their daily entries across any of the platforms.
  2. Mention @PSAcard in the post and use hashtag #psasetregistry. Be sure to include your PSA Set Registry name.
  3. One winner will be randomly selected and notified from a pool of entries gathered from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and PSA Forums within 24 hours of the daily giveaway post. Once notified, the winner must direct message @PSAcard on the respective platform. Participants can enter across these platforms each day.
  4. Winners must fill out accompanying forms, which will be outlined in the Terms and Conditions section below.

By the end of the contest, we will have 12 winners and happy collectors.

In short, earn the medal that we share to social that day and follow these steps for a chance to win. If you’re already a Set Registry member with registered sets, you may already have the medal of the day. In that case, feel free to follow these steps each day and keep your fingers crossed!

We even put together this walkthrough video to help you navigate the new-look PSA Set Registry.

Medal of the Day, Prize Card and Winners

Each day, we will update this blog with the previous day’s winner. So, check back daily to see who won each trading card.


As mentioned earlier, a 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout #US175 starts off our 12 Days of Collecting, and it’s in PSA 10! Earn “One Giant Leap” by adding an item to your PSA Set Registry inventory. Then, enter the giveaway by following the rules above.

Winner: Username NGS428 via PSA Forums.


Earn the “Bookkeeper” medal by adding item details to a collectible in your Set Registry. You could win a 1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson #50T.

Winner: @raddison72 via Twitter


Collectors, report to the Starting Line for a shot at this 1975 Topps Mini George Brett #228. Just add your first item to a set and follow the rules for the giveaway for a chance to win.

Winner: @cardboardcellar via Instagram


Calling all Shutterbugs! Adding an image to an item in a set earns the “Shutterbug” medal and gets you that much closer to winning this 1979 Topps Wayne Gretzky #18.

Winner: Jason Carter via Facebook


You might not have Tom Brady’s rings, but you can win his 2000 Bowman rookie card. Add a set description to earn the medal of the day, “Narrator.” 

Winner: Dan Leiphart via Twitter


Vintage non-sports collectors, here’s looking at you! Today’s medal of the day might be the easiest medal you can earn. Just download and log into the PSA Set Registry app. You can win this 1962 Civil War News The Angry Man #1. Rules below:

Winner: krisd3279 via PSA forums


A picture is worth a thousand words. It also earns you a medal. Add a profile picture to earn the “Now You See Me” medal. You could win this 1953 Bowman Color Bauer/Mantle/Berra #44.

Winner: Baconboyy8 via Twitter


Collecting is a community. Make a comment on another collector’s set to earn the “Color Commentator” medal. Then, follow the rules above for a chance at this 2016 MTG Gauntlet of Power Kaladesh Inventions (Foil). Just make sure you have the mana for it.

Winner: @charizardperfection via Instagram


It’s OK to show off from time to time, especially when it earns you a medal. Create a digital album to earn “The Show Off” medal. This 1951 Bowman Norm Van Brocklin #4 is up for grabs as part of today’s 12 Days of Collecting giveaway.

Winner: kgibson via PSA Forums


Just two more days of our 12 Days of Collecting! Add 10 items to your inventory for the “Apprentice” medal. Then share a screenshot of the medal and follow the rules above for a chance at this 1999 Pokémon Pikachu Yellow Cheeks 1st Edition.

Winner: Brett Tetrault via Facebook


Even 10% effort can earn you a medal. Reach 10% completion on a set, then share your medal to @PSAcard social for a chance to win this 1964 Topps Giants Mickey Mantle #25 PSA Near Mint-Mint 8.

Winner: gradedgamer via Instagram


Last day of our 12 Days of Collecting Giveaway! Make it count by making the set details public on one of your public sets. This 1969 Topps Mickey mantle #500 (LNIY) is up for grabs.

Winner: @brian_peeples via Twitter

Legal Stuff

Find our Terms and Conditions, here. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway post each day. Once selected, winners must fill out accompanying forms to claim their prize.

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Ryan is a sports fan and Non-Sports aficionado, who is still tormented by the fact he owned the entire 1st Edition run of Pokémon cards but traded them away or ruined them at one point or another.

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