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In this new column entitled Set Registry Starter Kit, we focus on sets from across sports and non-sports that are easy to build and won’t necessarily break the bank to acquire. Here we will feature sets that can appeal to seasoned hobbyists looking to expand their collections or novice collectors getting their feet wet. 

He was as tough on the field as his last name is to spell, a fact reflected in his most popular rookie card. In fact, you couldn’t get him off the field. He still holds the record for consecutive starts (297) as an NFL quarterback.

In an era marked by ubiquitous cardboard, Brett Favre stood out as one of the most exciting quarterbacks to play the game, carving out a Hall of Fame career in the process with his powerful arm and improvisational playmaking ability.

With such pedigree, you’d think that acquiring Favre’s key rookie cards would be a daunting task for any collector. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case. The rocket-armed signal caller makes for a great starter set. Check out Favre’s accessible eight-card rookie set.   

1991 Action Packed Rookie Update #21 Brett Favre

1991 Action Packed Rookie Update #21 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 1,982
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $22

True to the set’s name, the gunslinger is depicted in an action shot as he tries to scramble in the pocket and materialize a play out of thin air, one of Favre’s greatest attributes. Action Packed made a statement with their visually loud swaths of gold framing the cards. The company separated itself from the rest with its gaudy layout and red helmet with an “R” signifying its rookie cards. Of 1,982 submissions, 826 have been graded PSA 10.

Some collectors feel pretty strongly about this Favre rookie, in all of its golden glory.

1991 Pacific #551 Brett Favre

1991 Pacific #551 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 2,098
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $16

The signal caller is seen here queuing up what was likely a fire ball of a throw that squeezed through multiple defenders and into the hands of his receiver. Or, was he just dumping off an incompletion or, more likely, simply warming up on the sideline? Whichever the case, this card depicts a crisp image of the quarterback doing what he does best. The set featured lots of buzz surrounding would-be prospects, but in retrospect, Favre’s Pacific issue was the only noteworthy rookie of the set. Not the toughest in high grade, the PSA Population includes 1,201 PSA 10s.

1991 Pro Set #762 Brett Favre

1991 Pro Set #762 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 985
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $41

With its simple design featuring an embattled Favre around collapsing blockers, this might be the most exciting action shot of the flamethrower in his rookie set. It seems Pro Set spared the visual flair, opting instead for a high-quality image of Favre standing tall in the pocket. Note the jump in PSA 10 value at $41.

1991 Pro Set Platinum #290 Brett Favre

1991 Pro Set Platinum #290 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 859
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $20

Despite the giant defender in his periphery, Favre looks poised to fire off a pass. Continuing with the toned down visual flair, Pro Set’s Platinum iteration of Favre’s rookie card features a mere stamp on the lower left-hand corner. Otherwise, you might not even know this was a Favre rookie. At 859 examples, this card currently has a lower Population than Favre’s regular Pro Set issue.

1991 Score #611 Brett Favre

1991 Score #611 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 1,220
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $26

In a design and color scheme indicative of its time, this card might be the most flagrantly late 80s/early 90s of the set. A purple-white gradient frames a young Favre in his collegiate days at the University of Southern Mississippi as he is zeroing in on his target. Those colored borders are apt to chip and tough to tackle. Of 1,220 examples submitted to PSA, 309 have earned PSA 10 status.

1991 Ultra #283 Brett Favre

1991 Ultra #283 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 3,450
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $17

This card features another shot of Favre during his college days, this time framed by gray borders on the top and bottom. As evidenced by its 3,450 submissions, this is one of the more popular cards in the set. Not to be outdone by the next piece of the set, his Upper Deck offering.

1991 Upper Deck #13 Brett Favre

1991 Upper Deck #13 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 5,010
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $19

Tasked with the challenge of depicting the most exciting young quarterback of the era in a sedentary, non-action shot, Upper Deck rose to the occasion and captured the signal caller riding the pine at Southern Miss, listening to tunes, or play calls or both. Though this might not be the most visually appealing card of the set, it doesn’t seem to have hampered its collectability. Just look at that PSA Population; at 5,010 PSA submissions, this is his second-most popular rookie card.

Was a studious Favre just taking notes, plotting his future NFL domination?

1991 Upper Deck #13 Brett Favre

1991 Stadium Club #94 Brett Favre

  • PSA Population: 11,506
  • Average Cost for PSA Gem Mint 10: $91

Now onto what is, hands down, the key Brett Favre rookie card, his 1991 Stadium Club offering. Not only does this stand out as the Hall of Famer’s most popular and valuable card of the set, but it features a glaringly obvious error. In a clear-cut case of spelling it like it sounds, Stadium Club adorned this rookie card with the last name “Farve,” completely switching that magical “V” in the correct spelling of “Favre.” Spelling gaffe aside, this is clearly the most collected card of the set, with 11,506 PSA submissions.

Among his rookie set, many collectors zero in on this issue, spelling error and all, as their “farveorite” rookie.

This iconic issue is also represented by a Super Bowl XXVI parallel released the following year. Corner wear tends to impact this card’s grade, but PSA 10 examples can be yours for under $100.

Hall of Famer? Check. Easily attainable? Check. Short list of cards to complete the set? Check, check, double check. At just eight cards, you don’t need to search far and wide to complete the set, plus it will only cost you about $252 total to acquire these in PSA 10. If you’re looking at your first foray into collecting, or just want to add another Hall of Famer to your collection, Brett Favre’s rookie set might be a good place to start.

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Editor’s Note: Population data and values reflect those as of December 2018. 

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  1. I have a Brett Favre 2000 score team 2000 rookie reprint autograph #of 50. Have any of them been graded?

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