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Oh the holidays… That time of year when our love for one another and generosity of spirit are often frustrated by the challenge of finding a proper gift for the collectors in our lives. Let’s face it, if your are not a collector yourself, it can be a truly difficult task to find a meaningful gift for someone who enjoys the hobby. And I don’t know about you, but I have received my share of completely useless sports memorabilia gifts from people who love me and truly thought that they were giving me something that I would enjoy. It can become an awkward exchange for both the giver and receiver.

There are, however, plenty of hobby-related gifts that would be almost universally appreciated by collectors and I am happy to help steer people towards some of my favorites.


  • Stamps and Envelopes – Necessary elements for the TTM (through the mail) autograph hunt.
  • Pens – Sharpies, Staedtler and ballpoint pens are the writing instruments of choice for most hobbyists.
  • Balls/Mini Helmets/Pucks/Autograph Media – Depending on a collector’s tastes, balls and other items to get signed are easy to purchase and always useful.
  • SportsCollectors.Net  Membership – This is an excellent website and online community for autograph collectors.
  • Meiselman List – These extensive lists of mailing addresses are used by TTM autograph collectors.

    card savers


  • Card Savers – Whether you use them to store your cards or need them to submit cards for grading, Card Savers are always needed.
  • PSA Membership – A one-year PSA Membership comes with grading vouchers, a subscription to the Sports Market Report and more.
  • eBay Gift Cards – What could be more useful than a gift card to one of the greatest sources of cards and memorabilia in the world?


  • SMR Subscription – An excellent source for articles, pricing and information about dealers and auction houses throughout the hobby.

    card stand

  • The following items would be excellent gifts for collectors who like to decorate their spaces with hobby items.
  • Barrister Bookcases – Although not specifically designed for the hobby, these glass-doored bookcases are wonderful items for collectors as they can be used as a display case to show off cards and memorabilia, as a bookcase to house hobby publications, or a combination of the two.

Posted by Todd Tobias

Todd Tobias is a longtime hobbyist and PSA staff member who is constantly on the hunt for vintage lacrosse issues and autographed cards for his American Football League (1960-1969) collection.

Johnny Robinson - Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019!!!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas for the Collector2 min read

  1. Hey Todd Tobias
    I already have 17 black PSA boxes full of Mike Trout and Mookie Betts, and just bought 3 more….but what I really want for Christmas is not a Red Rider B-B-Gun, but a PSA Breakers Mat!! I could use it as a tree blanket, wrap presents in it.. .Those are pretty sweet. Pretty please Santa?? I

      1. I have the #1 Mookie Betts Master set (71%) and the #5 Mike trout Master set and I would love a Breakers Mat—better for Instagram postings too! I think PSA should also consider making an acrylic holder for horizontal cards!
        Thank you

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