PSA Adds Free ‘SecureScan’ Service to Express Level Orders and Higher1 min read

PSA Certification Verification page of a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle #253 rookie card (PSA VG 3) showing both front and back scans.

To provide better security for its growing customer base, PSA has added a cost-free “SecureScan” service. The new imaging feature, which launched on the company’s website on May 10, 2019, involves taking front and back scans of PSA-encapsulated items with high-resolution scanners and making those images available on the PSA website. At present, the benefit is available to all customers across six different levels of service including Express, Super Express, Walk-Through, Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Elite.

“This is a significant step to help collectors with security measures as well as marketing opportunities for their collectibles,” said PSA President Steve Sloan.

“People can now view images of the exact item we authenticated, graded and encapsulated right on our Cert Verification page. This is extremely useful for those collectors looking to verify the details of an item, including its certification number, before they purchase it.”

Currently, PSA is imaging cards, tickets and packs only, and uploading them to its online Certification Verification site for recording purposes. The free, new service provides collectors with high-quality images to use on the PSA Set Registry as well as for their records including insurance purposes. Customers will need to download the images directly from the Cert Verification page. PSA is not accepting any images from customers for uploading to the Cert Verification page; the item must be in-house and imaged by PSA to be uploaded. The service is also available to customers seeking PSA’s $35-plus reholder option.

“This is just the first step toward adding the ‘SecureScan’ benefit to all service levels,” added Sloan.


Posted by Terry Melia

Terry Melia is a hobby veteran who has served in various PR and marketing roles for industry movers and shakers including The Upper Deck Company and SCP Auctions and is currently working as PSA's Public Relations and Content Specialist.

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  1. I would have thought that PSA would have done this years ago, but good things come at the right time like the new lighthouse identification back section that has the square box.

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