Introducing New Basketball-Themed Medals to the PSA Set Registry1 min read


Just in time for the start of the new NBA season, PSA launched six new medals to the Set Registry Achievement Program.

The basketball-themed medals are sure to be an alley-oop hit with collectors, who can earn medals as they add cards to their collection and build their sets.

Show Me the Medals!

Just like previous medals introduced in the PSA Set Registry Achievement Program, this new batch of medals encourage collectors to build their sets (Set Completion Medals) and engage with the community (Community Medals).

Check out the medals below in the bold text, followed by how to earn them.

Set Completion Medals

  • Lay-Up: Start a basketball player set.
  • With the First Pick: Start a basketball rookie player set.
  • Trust the Process: Start a basketball team set.
  • Key to Victory: Start a basketball key card set.

 Community Medals

  • Mic’d Up: Receive a showcase comment from another collector.
  • Press Conference: Make a comment on another collector’s showcase.

All of these medals are live now! So go visit and give it a jump shot! And once you earn the medals, feel free to share them with your friends on social media!

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