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In the collectibles community, there’s no greater joy than pulling a coveted card from a pack. Try and visualize unearthing Michael Jordan’s #57 rookie card from a previously uncracked wax pack of 1986 Fleer Basketball. Or what about snagging Joe Willie Namath’s #122 RC from a pack of ‘65 Topps Football? Then displaying your cards proudly for friends and family just comes with the territory.


Now ponder this scenario: What about getting that special card you’ve held onto for years finally signed by the athlete who’s featured on it? A feeling of great satisfaction and, yes, completion, will come over you. Call it a quest, but it’s real. And rookie cards are fair game for signatures nowadays. The thrill of completing the task translates to pure jubilation for the autograph hunter.

Next, if you decide to sell your cards, that’s great. But if you hang on to them, you will want to display them. Either way, you will want to get your cards authenticated and/or graded by PSA. And what better way to showoff your cards than inside an encapsulated PSA holder? One that marks not only that your card (and autograph, if it has one) is authentic, but reveals the grade it earned. Perhaps a PSA Mint 9 or how about a PSA Gem Mint 10? Now that’s something to behold! And let’s not forget: card preservation is key, so PSA’s encapsulated holders provide that benefit as well.

If you’re like me, and have a hard time letting go, you’ll want to display your beauties in the best possible way. At home I have a China cabinet in my dining room that’s filled with everything but China. It’s designated for memorabilia and boasts cards I’ve acquired through the years and dozens of autographed baseballs. It showcases autographed cards from superstars such as Larry Bird, Barry Sanders and Joe Montana, as well as single-signed balls from the likes of Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan and David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Every time I look at the China cabinet, it’s a trip down Memory Lane and it always serves as a great conversation piece whenever people visit.


There are various ways to present your treasured lineup. You can lay them down side by side inside your display case (or China cabinet) or prop the encapsulated cards up on your mantel with the help of PSA’s nicely designed single card display stands. The per unit price is $5. Just remember that it’s important to keep the cards out of direct sunlight since fading is never good. You can also step up and purchase one of the many oversized display cases that are available for your cards. The PSA Store includes an assortment of various displays from which to choose. Granted, these cases are not cheap, but the opportunity to show off your top cards in a beautiful manner is priceless. And likely, you’ll only buy one case, so it’s a one-time expense. Consider it an investment in your trading card collecting future. The great thing about it is you can swap out the cards anytime you’d like so it has a fresh look every day, every week, every month or whenever you decide to spruce things up. Take pride in your PSA card collection display. You’ve earned it!

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Terry Melia is a hobby veteran who has served in various PR, marketing and content roles for industry movers and shakers including The Upper Deck Company and SCP Auctions and is currently working as PSA's Public Relations and Content Specialist.

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