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Shiny Pokémon are a critical part of catching or collecting them all. In the video games, the player had a 1-in-8,192 chance of encountering a shiny Pokémon when it was first introduced. So, when Nintendo brought them into card form, the hunt was on to add these rare cards to your collection. Our first look at these very rare Pokémon in the trading card game (TCG) begins in the Shining releases of 2001 Neo Revelation and 2002 Neo Destiny.

The Shining Pokémon of Neo Destiny received holofoil treatments on the monsters themselves as opposed to the background, giving them a shiny appearance. The few evolution cards in the series were reclassified as Basic Cards, meaning they could be played immediately without evolving. To bring balance to that feature, players are only allowed one Shining Pokémon per deck. If you aren’t quite ready to dive into the 1st Edition releases of these Pokémon, you can easily begin by collecting the Shining Unlimited releases in the 20-card Neo Shinings Master Set.

Let’s take a look at five of the more popular options:

Shining Magikarp

Shining Gyarados

Shining Celebi

Shining Mewtwo

Shining Charizard

• • •

2001 Pokémon Neo Revelation #66 Shining Magikarp

PSA Population: 247 in PSA NM-MT 8

Average Cost for PSA 8: $163


The most lovable fish-like Pokémon, Magikarp, had the move Splash, an ability that bewildered all in the video game. In the anime, you may have seen schools of them swimming or flopping around. As boring as this Pokémon may sound, it is based on the legend of the carp leaping over Dragons Gate to become a dragon. The artwork of Ken Sugimori displays the Water-Type Pokémon with other Magikarp, yet this one has a golden appearance rather than its normal orange. Having 30 HP, it won’t survive too many attacks, but with its Dragon Bond attack, it can help you evolve to Gyarados in an instant. Like the legend from which it derives, Magikarp will help leap us onto the next card in this entry.

2001 Pokémon Neo Revelation #65 Shining Gyarados

PSA Population: 109 in PSA NM 7

Average Cost for PSA 7: $238


Shining Gyarados first appeared in the Gold, Silver and Crystal versions in the Lake of Rage. It is the most frequent Shiny Pokémon to appear with many mentions of it in other games. Ken Sugimori illustrated this card with a fisherman looking in awe at the Red Gyarados while powerful storms surround the Lake of Rage. The Shining Gyarados comes in with a solid 100 HP and heavy attacks in Outrage and Devastate. Don’t bat an eye at Magikarp, because before you know it, it might evolve into a Gyarados to turn the tides on you.

2002 Pokémon Neo Destiny #106 Shining Celebi

PSA Population: 101 in PSA NM-MT 8

Average Cost for PSA 8: $182


Introduced in Generation II, Shining Celebi is the first Legendary Pokémon we will discuss in this Starter Kit. In the anime, it debuted as the primary focus of the fourth movie, Celebi: The Voice of the Forest, where it displayed the power to travel through time. Shining Celebi appears elegantly displayed against a pink background illustrated by Hironobu Yoshida. It carries 50 HP with moves that help to support with Healing Water and delay with Miracle Leaf. As much as we would like to travel back in time like Celebi to grab some 1st Edition Shining Celebis, the Unlimited version is an affordable way to get your hands on this Legendary Pokémon.

2002 Pokémon Neo Destiny #109 Shining Mewtwo

PSA Population: 61 in in PSA NM 7

Average Cost for PSA 7: $109


Mewtwo is the first ultra-powerful Legendary Pokémon that collectors wanted to get their hands on from Generation I. In the first generation of video games, a player would have to be Pokémon League Champion in order to face one of these Psychic-type Pokémon. In the anime, it shined under the spotlight as the major character and focus of Pokémon: The First Movie. Shiny Mewtwo is typically seen with a green midsection as opposed to purple. For the TCG, Hironobu Yoshida provides a profile shot of Shining Mewtwo with its arm outstretched, determined to overcome any foe. With a healthy 70 HP, Mewtwo can play a defensive chipping game with Reflect Shield or bring an offensive strike with Psyburst. Whatever you do, don’t upset this Pokémon. He was created for destruction!

2002 Pokémon Neo Destiny #107 Shining Charizard

PSA Population: 94 in PSA EX-MT 6

Average Cost for PSA 6: $416


Finally, what list in the Pokémon TCG doesn’t include Charizard? It is one of the most popular Pokémon right behind the face of the franchise, Pikachu. We have watched our Charmanders evolve to this stage 2 Pokémon since the first generation of video games. It has disobeyed Ash in the anime time and time again. And this time it returns in black shiny form, which looks more like a shiny gray on the physical card due to the overlapping holofoil texture. Artist Hironobu Yoshida has Shining Charizard flying away through the canyons in search of the next challenge. Shining Charizard comes with a robust 100 HP to handle most of the attacks thrown its way. It only carries one attack in its arsenal: White-Hot Flame. The attack is one that could be both a blessing and a curse as it comes with 100 damage, but could also damage itself.

• • •

Getting these high-profile Unlimited cards from the Pokémon Neo Shinings Master Set is a great way to start working your way up the PSA Set Registry ranks. Generation II introduced us to even more Pokémon to collect and it has been a welcome addition for collectors in both the video game and TCG. Alongside the five discussed here, don’t forget about Kabutops, Noctowl, Raichu, Steelix and Tyranitar. Hopefully it won’t take 1-in-8,192 odds to add any of these Shining Pokémon to your Set Registry.


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