Autographed Funko POP! Encap Service Now Offered by PSA2 min read

Well, it’s time to get funky! Or better yet, let’s get “Funko.”

As more athletes, movie stars, TV characters, singers, entertainers and even politicians are being immortalized as vinyl figures, PSA is excited to unveil its newest service line: autographed Funko POP! encapsulation. This will provide both protection and preservation for the unique collectibles, which have been building momentum since 2011. And while PSA has long provided autograph authentication of the signed Funko POP! figures and/or their signed vinyl figure boxes, the new service offers encapsulation of the figure inside its original packaging.

In the words of CU VP of Product Development Jamie Kiskis: “The service offers peace of mind for collectors as well as an excellent way to store, preserve and present their Funko POP! figures by way of the easily stacked, encapsulated holders.” Boom! Simple as that.

Naturally the intense demand for Funko POP! figures over the last several years is what prompted the new service. In 2018, Funko Inc. reported its net sales were $686 million, with its vinyl figures representing 82% of all sales. By the end of 2019, it had produced as many as 8,366 different figures. What’s more, the move to authenticate and encapsulate the autographed figures inside their boxes was becoming more and more obvious as autographed vinyl figure boxes are one of the top items sent to PSA for authentication.  In the last 18 months alone, they rank sixth on the list of autographed items most frequently submitted.

For the record, PSA does not authenticate or grade the packaging or the figure itself; it only authenticates and grades the autograph on either the figure or the signed box. And an autographed Funko POP! figure submitted without its box is ineligible for encapsulation. The cost of the PSA encapsulation service is $25 per holder. To kick off the new service, PSA is offering two quarterly specials through March 31; visit for details on that front.

For more information on the service itself, please visit


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