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Evaluating condition and assigning a corresponding numeric grade to trading cards is the service which PSA introduced and revolutionized the hobby. However, there is another element of our services that is just as important as the grading process. That is the security the PSA holder provides for your trading cards.

psa holders

Our holder is a two-piece construct that is sonically welded together by boom machines designed specifically for use in the PSA encapsulation process. The result of sonically welding the front and rear slabs is an exceptionally durable and tamper-evident holder for your trading card or PSA-holdered collectible. Individual pieces of the PSA holder are slightly flexible prior to being sonically welded. Once welded, the case is fused with a virtually inflexible bond. The plastic again becomes flexible if the bond is ever compromised, as would be the case with tampering. The next time you hold a PSA-graded card, try to bend the case. This is one simple security check you can do when reviewing cases for tampering. 

frosting on card holder
Note the white “frosting” along the edges of this holder. A sure sign the holder has been compromised.

While “tamper-proofing” ensures that a holder cannot be violated and the item inside is sealed away forever, “tamper-evidence” is a different and more desirable trait. Our customized holder design and sonic weld are the strongest in the hobby. Any attempt to compromise a PSA holder results in evidence left in the form of chips, scratches or “frosting,” a cloudiness of the clear plastic along the seam. Opening a PSA holder cannot be done without visible signs of tinkering being left behind and attempts to reseal a compromised holder will not have the rigidity of our sonic weld. However, because the holders are not tamper-proof, they are able to be opened and the items inside accessed in the event that regrading or reholdering are requested for any reason.

PSA has been the leader in third-party authentication and grading for 30 years. The secondary market values that are paid for items bearing PSA’s seal of approval are the highest in the hobby. It should come as no surprise then that our holders are the best in the market as well.


Posted by Todd Tobias

Todd Tobias is a longtime hobbyist and PSA staff member who is constantly on the hunt for vintage lacrosse issues and autographed cards for his American Football League (1960-1969) collection.

Johnny Robinson - Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019!!!

3 thoughts on “Benefits of the PSA Holder2 min read

  1. Todd, thank you for the great and informative article. I stumbled upon PSA after I read an article about some of the recent high card sales, particularly the Wayne Gretzky OPC card. I have a Wayne Gretzky Topps 1979 card that I believe is at least a mint grade and possibly gem mint. It was carefully placed in a card binder about 25 years ago and has been cautiously stored ever since. I knew its value was significant, but I did not realize the value was potentially a six-figure value. I also have the Mario Lemieux Topps rookie card in similar condition, and after talking with my dad we believe there is an OPC Lemieux in the collection as well. Clearly I need all 3 graded, but particularly the Gretzky card, given the potential value. I’m nervous about selecting the proper card protector to store the card for shipping. Is there a particular protective sleeve recommended? I’ve been careful about protecting the card since I’ve had it but I did not think I was protecting a potentially half million dollar asset.

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