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As the current backlog illustrates, more collectors are submitting cards to PSA than ever before.  And along with the increase in submissions, comes an increase in customer inquiries and requests. PSA has been staffing up our Customer Service department to handle the record number of calls and emails but that’s not all we’re doing. We are excited to announce our recently launched Customer Request Center (CRC). The CRC provides customers with an easy pathway for three frequently requested topics: label corrections, research requests, and quality assurance reviews. The PSA Customer Request Center sits within the PSA Operations department and represents your quickest and most efficient way to resolve these issues.


Simply log into your account page and click the link on the left side navigation to access the Customer Request Center. From here, you can submit one of the three request types. Let’s look a little deeper at the three categories handled by the CRC.

Label Correction Request

Do you have a card, ticket or pack that’s labeled incorrectly? Label errors typically include incorrect years, spelling errors, or the wrong variety (parallel, insert, etc.). If you believe you have a mislabeled item, you can submit a request to the CRC, including a description of the requested correction and images of the item.

Research Request


Members of PSA’s Research Department possess considerable knowledge of both common and rare cards, tickets, and packs. If you are interested in having an uncommon card graded or having a variation recognized by PSA, you can now use the CRC to file a Research Request. Check the PSA Population Report first to make sure the item you are inquiring about has not already been graded by PSA, but if it’s not in the Pop Report, you can submit a request along with supporting sources and images,

Quality Assurance Request

If you have a PSA-graded item or case that you believe may have sustained damage, such as during the return shipping process, your item may be eligible for a Quality Assurance review. Similarly, if you have acquired a PSA-graded card and need to confirm its authenticity or listed grade, it too may be eligible for a review.

Concern with an Item or Case

If you receive your package back from PSA with an item that you believe has sustained some form of damage, the CRC provides a streamlined path to investigating and resolving the issue. We ask that you please let us know within five days of your order delivery date. Once we review the details and images you provide, the CRC will follow up with you on next steps.

Item and Grade Verification

The CRC is also your go-to source if you acquire a PSA-graded card and want to confirm the authenticity of the product, the legitimacy of the PSA holder and label or, more specifically, the grade noted on the label. Here too, you’ll want to turn to the Quality Assurance Request to detail your inquiry and provide supporting images.

The CRC brings Customer Service and Operations together to deliver care and attention when these situations arise. Be on the lookout for additional improvements to PSA’s customer response efforts as we strive to advance the level of service and attention to our customers.


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