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As collectors, most of us enjoy showing our collections off to friends, family, colleagues, and sometimes, complete strangers we meet. Telling our stories about what we collect, why we collect, how we acquired the items, the values of our collections, the items we wished we never let go of, our pursuit of checklists, which cards are our favorites, what we thought about the grades that just came back, etc., are all a unique part of our shared experiences as collectors.

While it is generally an individual pursuit that our loved ones sometimes don’t fully understand, it is also a social outlet that brings us together in times of joy and pain. It can be an emotional endeavor that brings us back to our childhood or memories of our favorite teams, players, games, and characters.

PSA provides a compelling place for collectors of all levels to share their experiences. The Set Registry is an online platform for collectors of PSA-graded trading cards and other collectibles to manage their inventory, track the pricing and values of their collection, get ideas of what to collect, set goals, communicate with other members, and compete for the annual Set Registry Awards. It is free to join. In fact, if you already submit to PSA and have an account, you can use that log-in to access the Set Registry.

To kick off 2022, we have launched an engaging and social Set Registry contest that will allow collectors to show off and tell the stories of their favorite and most coveted PSA-graded items. Whether you collect graded sports, non-sports, TCG cards, unopened packs or tickets, there is a section of the contest dedicated to you.

We are excited to announce “My Top 10” with 10 categories to choose from:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Other Sports
  • TCG
  • Non-Sports (trading cards that are not sports or TCG related)
  • All Cards (your mix of different sports, non-sports, & TCG)
  • Tickets & Unopened Packs

To enter, please visit the Set Registry Showcase Page.

You can enter in as many different categories and as many times as you want. We understand it can be challenging to pick just 10 of your favorite and best cards, so we wanted to open it up. Each entry needs to be 10 items, ranked in order if you’d like. No more than 10 or less than 10 will be considered by our judges for the winner of each category.

Oh, you can also include those super limited 1-of-1s, Grails, Unicorns, etc., that are generally not included in competitive Set Registry checklists due to their ultra-rarity. So, bring your best to the party!

The winners of each category will receive a Set Registry Award, which honors their collecting legacy amongst the giants in the history of collecting, and a grading credit that will increase in value based upon the number of entries for that category.

You have until May 27, 2022 at 2 pm PT to enter, so that our judges can get to work on reviewing “My Top 10” showcases and the rest of the sets being considered for the 2022 Set Registry Awards.

Judges will be looking for the following criteria: rarity, grades, and appeal of the collection combined with the story, creativity, and completeness of the presentation within the showcase.

Winners are scheduled to be announced with the 2022 Set Registry Awards at or around the time of the National Sports Collectors Convention later this year.

There is also another way to win a grading credit in each category and that is through the social activity via Facebook and the “Like” button on each Showcase entered. The deadline for accumulating the “Likes” as defined below is June 10, 2022 at 5 pm PT.

The number shown next to the “Like” button on each entry is the sum of:

  • The number of likes on your entry page;
  • The number of shares of the URL of your entry page (this includes copy/pasting a link back to Facebook; and
  • The number of likes and comments on stories on Facebook about your entry page URL.

We are all excited to see the My Top 10 collections that are entered into the contest and read the stories behind why and how the greatest collections in our hobby were built. Best of luck to everyone and enjoy the contest. For a complete look at the official contest rules, follow this link.


Posted by Jamie Kiskis

Jamie Kiskis is a lifelong collector who focuses on his favorite teams/players/characters, as well as the products he has worked on throughout his career in marketing and product development at Upper Deck and Cryptozoic Entertainment among others. He is currently serving as vice president of Brand Development at Collectors.

3 thoughts on “PSA Launches ‘My Top 10’ Set Registry Contest4 min read

  1. Hi … I just need a little clarity regarding the contest. In each “top ten,” can it be a mixture of cards from different sports or each “top ten” cards have to be of the same sport?

    1. You can mix them up. There are different categories to enter and the “All Cards” category would work best for you. Here they are: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Other Sports, TCG, Non-Sports (trading cards that are not sports or TCG related), All Cards (your mix of different sports, non-sports, & TCG), Tickets & Unopened Packs.

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