The PSA Pod Officially Launches, Delivering Authentic Hobby Talk Every Week2 min read

As PSA continues to develop and execute its overhauled content strategy in early 2022, one significant development of note came in February, with the official launch of The PSA Pod.

Each week, we are delivering a new episode, direct from PSA headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif. The intent is to inform PSA customers and collectors alike, while also giving listeners valuable info, data and insights direct from the source … plus a little bit of entertainment.

Each episode of The PSA Pod features:

  • An update on PSA’s progress on its existing backlog, as we continue to shrink it down towards zero, leading to the opening of more service levels and the return of lower pricing. That kicks off a weekly “News Updates” segment, which also touches on other key PSA business developments and highlights instances of PSA finding itself in the collectibles news cycle.
  • Discussing trending topics both in the sports & TCG worlds, and how they impact collectors and the hobby at large. Be it the surge of Joe Burrow cards being submitted to PSA after he took the Bengals to their first Super Bowl in 30+ years, or analyzing Pokémon’s takeover as PSA’s No. 1 most-submitted category of cards to PSA in February 2022, we analyze how what’s happening in the collecting world and at PSA impacts the collector.
  • The “PSA 10” segment, where each week, we welcome a guest to the show who brings a different insight and expertise to our listeners. This includes executives – such as Collectors CEO and Executive Chairman Nat Turner and President Kevin Lenane – to PSA subject matter professionals such as Set Registry TCG Brand Manager Dustin Porras, who joined the show to discuss Pokémon’s rise within the business. Moving forward, guests will also include prominent collectors from every corner of the community.
  • Each week’s show closes with a special, data-driven “PSA: By The Numbers” segment, bringing the company’s popular social media campaign into podcast form, and a listener Q&A segment, as well. If you have questions or comments to be brought into the show, simply tweet us at @PSAcard.

The show will continue to evolve as weeks and months pass, and we honestly can’t wait to move it forward in an effort to continue to educate our customers and, at the end of the day, provide value.

In Episode 2 of the show, we were joined by PSA Security Director Gary Smith, and in this sit-down conversation during the PSA 10 segment, he provided a wealth of info for customers on best practices when packing and shipping collectibles to PSA for grading and authentication. It’s little details like this that can benefit the customer and collector greatly, and bringing value like that via this podcast is something PSA truly believes in.

To listen and subscribeand to catch up on all episodes published so far check out The PSA Pod on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Castbox.


Posted by Ryan Greene

Ryan Greene is Senior Manager of Social Media & Content for PSA. Always with a few collecting projects going at once, he is constantly on the hunt for sentimental football card grails from the late 90s and early 2000s … and now, Justin Fields rookie cards, as well. Bear Down!

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