PSA’s Economy Service Level Is Now Open to All Collectors Club Members2 min read


PSA officials are happy to announce the return of our $50 Economy Service Level for all Collectors Club members. Estimated Turnaround Time for Economy Service Level is 90 calendar days, at a declared value limit of $999. There will not be a limit to the number of cards you can submit at this service level. The weekly Economy submission events will be suspended indefinitely. For those wanting to submit any number of cards at the 90-day Economy Service Level, you can become a Collectors Club member here.

PSA would also like to share that we are tracking to be finished with clearing out our backlog by early Fall of 2022. We have been shipping about 200,000 cards every week and the backlog has decreased to 3.6 million cards. It’s important to note that we are still allocating approximately 80% of our resources toward the backlog of submissions, while the remaining 20% of our resources are dedicated toward handling new submissions. Another important factor is that over half of the backlog has already been serviced by the Grading department, which is the bottleneck in the operation. While these orders have been graded, they have not yet shipped. In order to keep the flow of submissions into the departments before Grading, we are preparing to more fully open the Economy service level. This will allow PSA to keep a steady flow of orders moving through our operation.



In addition, as of May 10, 2022, we will be eliminating the Complete Through Date and % of CTD Month Completed from our currently accepted service levels and keeping it only for our remaining Value services. When we shut down our Value and Economy submission services and had a large, growing backlog, there was a strong need for CTD and % of CTD Month Completed updates to help explain where we were with orders. However, as we can report today, we have made significant progress with Economy service orders and higher service-level orders, and no longer have an extended backlog in those areas. The best way for us to convey how quickly we are getting through new orders at the Economy service level and higher is to show it via Estimated Turnaround Times, read in calendar days (not business days).



As for the remaining PSA Dealer (Group Submissions) Economy service level and all Value service levels, we’d like to share more information on where we are right now. The image below shows a heatmap of where the backlog exists across several months. Please note that March, April, and May 2021 have a majority of the backlogged cards, while there is little to none remaining for the months up until now.



Over the next few months, we will keep you updated on progress and movement through the backlog. The updates above are another step in how PSA is providing transparency about the backlog. We remain focused on getting your cards back to you faster every day.


Posted by Tommy Paderes

Tommy is a lifelong sports card collector and video game enthusiast who serves as PSA’s Director of Product Marketing.

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