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This entry was updated on June 30, 2022.

Today, June 30th, marks the return of PSA’s Value service level for all Collectors Club members without any restrictions on the year a submitted card was manufactured or how many cards a collector would like to submit per order. Read on for further details.

On June 9, 2022, PSA announced the return of its Value service level at $30 per card, an option made exclusively for Collectors Club members. The Estimated Turnaround Time for Value orders was indicated as 120 calendar days and submissions were to include a minimum of 20 cards with a declared value limit of $499 per card. In addition, PSA required customers to only submit cards from 1996 to 2022 at the Value level during the submission process. Effective immediately, all PSA Collectors Club members can now submit any card with a declared value of $499 or less in a Value order without a restriction on year of issue and without a minimum number of cards required.

In just three weeks’ time, we can already see that our process improvements and operational efficiencies that were in place to manage Value orders have exceeded our expectations, Our Receiving and Research teams have met the challenge of the wave of Value submissions and are ready for more. At the same time, we shipped out more orders last week from the backlog than from any week prior. We’re processing more backlog orders than ever, while also having the capacity to accept more orders than ever before. Our efforts are working.

Note: New Value orders will only start shipping after all 2021 Value orders have shipped. Remember, anyone wanting to submit cards at the 120-day Value service level, needs to first become a Collectors Club member.  

We are also offering Dual Service options for customers at $36 per card. This allows PSA Collectors Club members with autographed cards to submit for authentication purposes (card and autograph) or dual grading which will provide two numerical grades for the card and autograph. The new Value service only applies to regular-sized cards (3.5” x 2.5”) and does not include pins, packs, tickets or jumbo. As a reminder, PSA’s $50 Economy Service level is open to everyone, with no Collectors Club membership required.

You may be wondering why we reopened the Value service level in the first place when we still had nearly three million cards in our backlog. There are multiple steps in the authentication and grading process. Early stages like unboxing, order entry and research. Mid-stages such as grading and assembly. And late stages like verification, quality assurance and imaging. For new Value submissions, we anticipate this being a 120-day process. The remaining backlog is nearly entirely in the mid and late stages of the process so the early stages are available for receiving and researching orders. New Value level submissions will begin entering the late stages of the grading process right around the time that the last backlog orders are being shipped. Therefore, new Value orders won’t jump in front of backlogged Value orders. They are simply beginning their grading journey while the backlogged orders complete theirs. This is the best and most efficient way to get your new Value orders completed.

We will continue to closely monitor submission demand as it relates to our capacity. If we get flooded again, we may need to impose limits again. But based on the incredible performance of our team, we don’t anticipate that happening.


Posted by Tommy Paderes

Tommy is a lifelong sports card collector and video game enthusiast who serves as PSA’s Director of Product Marketing.

4 thoughts on “PSA Opens Value Service Level3 min read

  1. Thank you Tommy. This is exciting and I have thousands of cards to be graded. However, I am still waiting on cards that were sent last May (2021). Thank you and stay well.

  2. Is 120 days guaranteed? I have two submissions that are currently at 450+ days. It would be amazing to get faster turnarounds!

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