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Today, Friday, Oct. 28, Pokémon releases the latest in its line of high-end trading card products: Sword & Shield Ultra-Premium Collection — Charizard. The collection flaunts a sleek and stylish box design, and includes 16 booster packs, a playmat, and other game accessories. But the true stars of this release are the three exclusive Charizard promo cards, all featuring jaw-dropping new illustrations of everyone’s favorite fire-type Pokémon

One card depicts Charizard as a Godzilla-esque kaiju (Charizard VMAX); another shows Charizard alongside Mewtwo and other fan favorites (Charizard VSTAR); and the third features artwork that completes a story six years in the making (Charizard V). The story, introduced in 2016 on a Japanese XY promo card in the Game Art Collection, is that of a fierce battle between Charizard and Venusaur. The battle’s depiction continued with an alternate art card in 2022’s Brilliant Stars set, and concludes with this recent promo that portrays the two combatants finally at rest on a scorched battlefield.

PSA is proud to announce that all three Ultra-Premium Charizard promos are now being accepted for grading and authentication services. After the historic, red-hot success of other premium Charizard cards on the secondary market, collectors everywhere will certainly be eager to encapsulate these grails in fresh PSA holders.

The new Ultra-Premium Collection is just the latest in Charizard’s long and dominant history in the TCG world. Charizard cards comprise six of the top 10 most graded TCG cards in PSA history, and it’s evident to most collectors that Charizard still has the same impact  — or moreas the days when trading Pokémon cards took place on elementary school playgrounds in the late 1990s. The PSA Set Registry offers eight Charizard-centric set checklists that collectors can complete on the free-to-use platform, including a Charizard (English) Full Art Set, a Charizard Pre-2000s Set, and more. For those on a smaller budget, there are also several sets that accept any issue of Charizard from the past or present such as Pokémon Core Series Video Game Covers and PSA’s Best of Ash’s Pokémon Team – Indigo League.

Don’t miss out on being among the first to grade these three soon-to-be-legendary promos. Submit your cards to PSA and give your collection the “Ultra-Premium” treatment it deserves!


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Dustin is the PSA Set Registry Brand Manager for TCGs. He is a lifelong TCG player and collector who still can’t believe he is working here.

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