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Tens of thousands of collectors gathered this summer in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to partake in the hobby celebration known as the National Sports Collectors Convention. PSA contributed to the festivities by announcing the winners of our annual PSA Set Registry Awards. Top award winners and new Set Registry Hall of Fame inductees were honored at a special PSA-sponsored event during the weeklong activities in Atlantic City. And now, for the first time ever, PSA is recognizing Set Registry award-winning members at all levels.

This week PSA is mailing out the balance of specially designed PSA Set Registry collectible enamel pins to award-winning members from the Best of Set Registry level. If you are a winner in multiple categories, you will receive one pin from each classification. If you have won multiple awards in the same category, then you will receive just one pin for that particular category.

Our first award winners were recognized in 2002, and our annual selections have grown to become a hobby highlight. We are excited to now be able to recognize collectors at each award level for their dedication to the hobby and the PSA Set Registry.

This year we changed our awards up a bit. By combining some of the previous categories, the number of potential Set Registry Award winners was reduced. However, new My Top 10 categories were added as part of a Set Registry promotion (Jan. 18 through May 27, 2022) that allowed collectors to curate their own Registry sets. The result was some of the most impressive and creative self-curated sets our judges have even seen.

Best Collection of the Year – Kevin McHolland (mcholke)

Kevin McHolland

The details of a trading card collection can say a lot about the individual collecting the cards. A look at the Set Registry listings for Kevin McHolland reveals that he is a passionate and well-rounded sports fan. The mcholke collection is a wonderfully rambling accumulation of baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards from many eras. Unlike most collectors, McHolland is not beholden to company sets. His preference is specialty collections that focus on teams, individual players and award winners.

A closer look at his Set Registry listings is akin to a celebration of sports: National College Baseball Hall of Fame; MLB First Draft Picks (1965-Present); Legends of the NBA: 25 Best Players of the 1980s; WNBA 25th Anniversary Team; Ohio State University All-Time Greatest Rookies (Football); All-Time NHL #1 Draft Picks; SMR Presents: Like Father, Like Son (Baseball); Bo Jackson Basic Topps Set – Baseball & Football … the list goes on and on. 

McHolland has nearly 41,000 PSA-graded cards listed in his inventory, which is the third-largest collection on the Set Registry. He participates in 1,162 different sets and has reached 100% completion on 526 of them. His mcholke collection includes more than 630 first-place sets, and ranks near the top in many more.

In terms of overall quantity, active participation and award-winning sets, this collection is one of the finest we’ve ever seen. That is why we are proud to recognize Kevin McHolland with the PSA Set Registry’s 2022 Best Collection of the Year Award.

The 2022 PSA Set Registry Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • TC Collection – Baseball – Kellogg’s 1970-1983
  • Hacnac – Baseball – 1959 Topps Super & Basic
  • Hatch Graham Registry Collection – Baseball – 1978 Topps
  • #iMP3CCaBL3🚀🌙 WiTN3$$iNgGR3ATN3$$🚀🌙 😘 uCaNtToUcHtHi$🤪 – Football – 1984 Topps USFL
  • Matt P. 1976 Topps Football – Football – 1976 Topps
  • RAS – Misc. Sports – Boxing – 1951 Topps Ringside Boxing
  • The Wasserman Collection 1888 N28 50 card set #1 – Misc Sports – 1888 Allen & Ginter (N28)
  • Northern Lights – Misc. Sports – Hockey – 1910-11 C56
  • betabob’s Legends – TCG – 1994 Magic: The Gathering Legends

The 2022 PSA Set Registry Award Winners:

  • BEST SET OF THE YEAR – Cooperstown Collection – 1933 Goudey
  • BASEBALL – JR’s 1974 Topps – 1974 Topps – Master
  • BASKETBALL – NBA – Top 75 RCs – NBA 75th Anniversary
  • FOOTBALL – JRM 1960s Topps Run – Topps 1960s Run
  • HOCKEY – Rjmjr – 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee
  • TCG
    • A TCA Gaming Master Charizard Set – Pokémon Charizard Master Set
    • Ghezzi_TCG – YU-GI-OH! CLASSIC FOIL RUN 2002-2004
    • Edgar Summer’s Magical Set – 1994 MAGIC THE GATHERING SUMMER EDITION
  • NON-SPORTS – pacman’s 1990 Marvel Universe master set – 1990 Marvel Universe
  • Scott D Ireland Collection – 1932 U.S. Caramel
  • PLAYER SETS – Ellshoops – Michael Jordan Basic & Collectors Issue Set
  • UNOPENED PACKS – The Weil Collection – 1951-1999 Topps Wax Packs – Any Series
  • MEMORABILIA – Hall of Fame Players – Post War Autographs – Cooperstown Team: Post War HOF Autograph Collection


  • BASEBALL CARDS – 1939NationalChamps – Auto of Top 10 All-Time
  • FOOTBALL CARDS – 1939NationalChamps – Auto of Top 10 All-Time
  • HOCKEY CARDS – Digstown – 10 Favourite Cards
  • SOCCER CARDS – aljurgela – IG: elrey_collection Top 10 Soccer
  • MISC SPORTS CARDS – Sweet_Arrow – Pre-War Tennis Cards
  • TCG CARDS – MAXMAXCITY – Vintage Pokemon Nostalgia — A Deep-Dive Into the Roots of Pokemon History – Presented by MaxMaxCity
  • NON-SPORTS CARDS – [email protected] – The Lease Collection: My 10 Favorite Lord Robert Baden-Powell Cards
  • ALL CARDS – kingnascar – KINGNASCAR’S Golden Anniversary Collecting Adventure👑


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