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PSA Unveils New Pricing and Improvements to Ticket Authentication Service2 min read

With the introduction of a $30 Value submission level, PSA has revamped the ticket submission and grading processes just in time for Super Bowl LVII. While physical tickets are no longer provided for access to the main event, this time of year is special for all collectors, notably those completing or just beginning a journey through Super Bowl history. A simple trip to the Ticket Authentication and Grading page of the PSA website is the first step toward turning your tickets into valued collectibles. 

Savvy hobbyists are recognizing that tickets are not only tangible ways to remember a game or concert, but they are actually artifacts of an event. The nature of pre-barcode era tickets, given their one-time use, resulted in the majority being discarded, while surviving examples are typically torn, stapled, creased or otherwise damaged. Unused tickets, or “fulls,” as they are known among collectors, are typically rare and have become highly desirable.

“While still relatively young, ticket collecting has matured significantly in recent years,” said PSA President Ryan Hoge. “The restructuring of our ticket authentication and grading services ensures that PSA will continue to offer the hobby’s premier services in yet another collecting category.”

In addition to the new service tier, PSA has expanded the ticket team by hiring new specialists to broaden the scope of our collective expertise. The team focusing on domestic tickets, for instance, has been bolstered by a hiring push and represents the majority of the category. Soccer and other international sports and events have been separated from general submissions to be assessed by individuals focusing solely in those areas. This new separation of subjects should improve turnaround times.

These efforts improve what has already been the premier ticket authentication and grading service in the hobby by expanding the types of tickets we can authenticate; full tickets and stubs, of course, but also badges, passes and panels. We will also authenticate scans, full proofs, and seat locators.

Lastly, PSA has reconfigured their ticket holders. The newly designed holders can now specifically accommodate the unique characteristics of a ticket. They are safer, fit a greater variety of items and boast better aesthetics.

Take advantage of PSA’s improved ticket authentication services today. Look through your memory boxes and photo albums for those tickets you saved from your favorite concert or that historic game you attended with friends. Submit them to PSA, and we will do the rest by transforming your cherished mementos into preserved pieces of memorabilia.

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Posted by Todd Tobias

Todd Tobias is a longtime hobbyist and PSA staff member who is constantly on the hunt for vintage lacrosse issues and autographed cards for his American Football League (1960-1969) collection.

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